Burial Services

Memon Association has made funeral arrangements with
Paak Funeral Home Inc. 
58-34 Catalpa Ave.
Ridgewood NY 11385.

Contact: Javed ARY
Tel: (516) 395-8580
Website: www.paakfuneral.com

If you have any questions please contact Zulfikar Memon (516 263-9375) or Dada Bhai (646 363-8019).

We request you to take some time and visit the funeral home web site to make yourself familiar with the information needed for the funeral arrangements.The Paak funeral home is owned by Dr Nadeem Qureshi and it is operated according to the requirements of Islamic religion.

Memon Jamat has 40 Kabars in a separate lot and we have suggested a price of $700/- for each Kabar.The funds collected will be held in a separate account and will be used to buy additional Kabars. Paak funeral Home has agreed to charge $1500/- for the funeral arrangements. Their service includes contacting the hospital, picking up the body, bringing it to the funeral home, taking it to the Masjid for Namaz-e-Janaza and then taking the body to Washington Memorial Kabaristan. The fees of the Washington Memorial starts from $1800/- depending on the day and time of burial. Families in New Jersey can also use the service of Paak Funeral Home as they have arrangements with Kabrastaan in New Jersey. Please note that charges provided are rough estimate of the expenses and could vary.